Isobel Knowles, Van Sowerwine
AU 2019 · 10‘ · VR 360° · eOF · Österreichpremiere

Fr 03.04.2020 – 16:00-21:00 – Leokino Foyer
VR-Conference on Sa 04.04.2020 – 12:00-15:00 – DieBaeckerei

Passenger ist ein 360°-Stop-Motion-VR-Film, der die Geschichte von der Ankunft in einem fremden Land erzählt. Der Taxifahrer, selbst ein in Australien lebender Migrant, navigiert uns durch die neue Landschaft und enthüllt gleichzeitig kleine Episoden seiner eigenen Geschichte. Passenger gibt Einblick in das Gefühl, an einem unbekannten Ort anzukommen und dort ein neues Zuhause zu finden.

Passenger is a 360 degree stop-motion VR film that tells the story of arriving in a new country to live. Your taxi driver, himself a migrant to Australia, navigates the new terrain with you, acting as your guide while also revealing small parts of his own story. Passenger recreates and investigates the geographic and visual dislocation of arriving somewhere unfamiliar, and beginning the journey of finding a new home in a foreign land.

Shao Qing (*1985) is an CG artist. As an independent CG director and producer, he has produced many TVC and films. He has also worked as visual director for Da Dao Zhi Xing, Xinhua News’ promotion video for the Belt and Road Forum, and Wind from the Orient, the promotion video for China International Import Expo. He founded VRTIMES in 2017, and his direction work In the Pictures and Black Bag has been selected in the 74th and 76th Venice International Film Festival..

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