ALSO (live)

Katharina Ernst: drums, toys
Martin Siewert: guitars, electronics

Tickets: Vortrag Seeßlen / Konzert ALSO

Sa 17.07.2021 – 17:30- Leokino 1
Davor: Vortrag: Georg Seeßlen und Film Talk Seeßlen/Möller

ALSO waren letztes Jahr eine sehr schöne Entdeckung beim 40. Jazzfestival in Saalfelden. Freut uns, dass sie heuer bei der 5. DIAMETRALE ordentlich „Sound ins Getriebe werfen“ (freiStil Magazin).

Vor dem Konzert sprechen Georg Seeßlen und Olaf Möller über Filme: Geschichte und Mythologie des komischen Films

Among their experiments, ALSO not only got the almost-telepathic understanding of each other but also a drone-type-of-tension in their recordings. For almost five years Katharina Ernst (drums) and Martin Sievert (guitar) have been working together. Learning how to use space, pauses, and inner-instrumental interaction. It’s a language on its own..

Katharina Ernst (drummer, artist, improviser)was born in 1987 in Vienna, Austria. She is a Fine Arts/Painting graduate and started playing the drums at age nine. Her major interests in drumming are polyrhythmical, polymetrical, odd and chaotic structures. Martin Siewert was born in 1972. He is living & working in Vienna; improv and composing activity in both acoustic and/or electronic contexts; work for theatre, film and dance as well as various remix and soundinstallation commissions.

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