B-Sides Screening

10 internationale Kurzfilme · 60‘
In Anweisenheit von Karin Ferrari (Regisseurin M H Y T N I X) und Bianca Caderas (Regisseurin JEROBOAM)

Tickets: B-Sides Screening / Konzert ÄFFCHEN & CRAIGS Online-Stream

Sa 17.07.2021 – 22:00 – Leokino 1
Im Anschluss Live-Konzert von ÄFFCHEN & CRAIGS

Noch nicht genug von den Filmpralinen des Hauptwettbewerbs? Dann seid ihr bei den B-Sides richtig! Hier zeigen wir die abseitigsten, skurillsten und schrägsten Filmeinreichungen. Über psychedelische Reisen in die Untiefen des Internets, schizophrene Selbstgespräche von Teenangern bis hin zu trippigen Body-Animationsorgien – lasst euch von der Bilderflut wegschwemmen: 10 Kurzfilme aus 6 unterschiedlichen Ländern (Gesamtdauer: 60 Minuten) Direkt im Anschluss des Screenings spielen ÄFFCHEN & CRAIGS live im Leokino (50% FANG DEN BERG; DIAMETRALE 2018): „Die ärgste Versuchung zwischen Punch und Schmäh seit es freie Radikale gibt“.

Absolutely Bizarre! DIAMETRALE B-SIDES presents the weirdest film submissions: 10 shorts films – 60 minutes.
After the screening there will be a live concert by ÄFFCHEN & CRAIGS (AT).

    Rick Niebe . IT 2019 · 1‘ · DCP · no dialogue · Österreichpremiere
    Tortured found footage for a short piano piece of Galina Ustvolskaya – an experiments in celluloid.
    Bianca Caderas . DE 2020 · 7‘ · DCP · OF+eUT · Tirolpremiere
    Be it at bars, house parties or romantic dinners, the people in Jeroboam like to raise their champagne-filled glasses. However, they all seem quite indifferent to the cruelty necessary to give their favourite beverage its signature fizz. (Tricky Women)
  • M H Y T N I X
    Karin Ferrari, Bernhard Garnicnig, Peter Moosgaard . AT 2020 · 22‘ · DCP · eOF
    m h y t n i x is a psychedelic live action/animation movie about three bored millennials who set out to search the origin of the modern panacea, lithium. A tightly packed journey into the unconscious of the Internet. The aesthetics of the experimental film deserve special attention.
    Charlotte Clermont . CA 2020 · 4‘ · DCP · no dialogue · Österreichpremiere
    Shot on Super 8, where i don‘t meet you is based on its own physicality by the means of a DIY hand processing technique, where the film‘s materiality is treated not only as a medium but also as a subject. Its narrative structure reflects a work on film deconstruction, which joins an unpredictable and experimental universe.
  • ANATOMY OF A WORLDVIEW (Anatomie eines Weltverständnisses)
    Alexander Fischer (a.k.a. Peskador) . DE 2020 · 3‘ · DCP · dOF+eUT · Tirolpremiere
    Mr. Bulge did not water the orchid from Mr. Belly. In order to escape responsibility, he spins a confusing web of lies and conspiracy theories, in which he eventually gets caught.
    Alejandro Junyao Zhang . US 2020 · 3‘ · DCP · no dialogue · Österreichpremiere
    Habitat is a video work presenting a surrealist acid exploration in a queer-identified space. It is inspired by the desire to create post-club environments to contain the artist’s queer identity and the protest against the social nonacceptance of queer identity in Chinese society.
    Celia Cooley, Mark Cooley . US 2020 · 2‘ · DCP · eOF · Österreichpremiere
    The vast implications of Kristi‘s Post.
  • A VOID
    Ida Thomasdotter . UK 2020 · 2‘ · DCP · eOF · Österreichpremiere
    A visual poem that takes a tragicomic look at anxiety.
    Dede Preti . IT 2020 · 2‘ · DCP · no dialogue · Österreichpremiere
    Grotto is a documentary about the masks and creatures that decorate the old buildings of the historical center of Brescia (Northern-Italy), as well as an attempt to make them live.
    Benjamin Rosenthal, Eric Souther . US 2020 · 8‘ · DCP · no dialogue · Österreichpremiere
    the gleaners, and: ritual for signaled bodies(original title: las espigadoras, y: ritual para cuerpos señalizados) is an experimental anima-tion made in part with live techniques where 3D animations are „performed“ in synchronization with sound to produce images that are recorded, layered, re-performed, and re-recorded.

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