Adriana Barbosa, Bruno M. Castanho
BRA 2017 . 25‘ . prtOF+eU

Fr 12.04.2019 – 21:10 – Leokino2
Portrait Special with

BITE ist eine filmische Hommage an den Schriftsteller-Totengräber Tico, der trotz seines einfachen Lebens stets auf der Suche nach ästhetischer und politischer Inspiration ist. Das Streben nach Autonomie, einem Alltag abseits von Zwängen und dem beständig neugierigen Nachdenken über die Welt machen Tico aus.

BITE is a filmic reverie in homage to the writer-gravedigger Tico, who in a marginal life, searches for an aesthetic and political inspiration. A cinematic response to the written words, a filmic reverie about the reflections brought up by the character. Thus, BITE is also a film about memory, which brings to the fore not only the agonizing trajectories of remembering, but also its political force, of resistance, which insists on reinventing everyday life and seeking lost senses.

Adriana Barbosa is a Mexican/Brazilian filmmaker based in São Paulo, Brazil. She‘s part of the Film Collective Cinefusão since 2009 where she took part In the script and art direction of the short films WAX and STRING QUINTET and develops a video laboratory called Laboratorio Cinefusão.
BITE is her first short as a Director and has already been screened in several film festivals around the country. Currently she continues her research on a documentary about the regional mexican traditions about death.

Director Statement „I search in filmmaking the contribution for aesthetic advances, not only for the great passion of this art, but also by betting that cinema is a form of active participation, of collective construction, creation between art and life.“

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