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7th Edition Mar 01 – 05, 2023 Innsbruck, Austria



Fokus Österreich

3 Kurzfilme • 36'

DCP • Tirol- & Österreichpremieren

03.04.2022, 17:15
In Anwesenheit aller Filmschaffenden und der Band BLUEBLUT (Moderation: Doris Bauer)
Leokino Innsbruck

Fokus Österreich

Peeping Marco

Hermann Leitner • AT 2020 • 6' • DCP • no dialogue

Peeping Marco is a stalker – Nicolina his victim. After her birthday party, Nicolina becomes Nico and takes revenge.

Director Hermann Leitner • Cinematography Ennio Fabro • CAST Nicolina-Nico: Nikolina Schuh Netz; Stalker: Marco Frei; Partyguest: Maria Magdalena, Ottò Horvàth, Medina Dzevahira Muharem, Gabi Weitenbacher, Hermann Leitner, Ennio Fabro • MUSIC Ottò Horvàth, Marco Frei

Fußballfrau. Oder warum ich besser nicht Hurenkind sagen sollte.

Elena Schwarz, Judith Barfuss • AT 2019 • 26' • DCP • deOF

Elena Schwarz is not only an artist, but also a soccer fan. And coincidentally also a woman. In the mockumentary „Fußballfrau“, Elena‘s alter ego „Frau Vastic Fantastic“ embarks on a search for sexism in soccer together with filmmaker Judith Barfuss. During the shoot, they encounter many open-minded fans, but when it comes to sexism in soccer, the devil is in the detail. Starting from her living room, Ms. „Vastic Fantastic“ advances further and further in the world of soccer. After visiting stadiums and soccer bars, the audience is left with open questions instead of answers. (pixel, bytes+film)

Director Elena Schwarz, Judith Barfuss • Writer Elena Schwarz, Judith Barfuss • Cinematography Judith Barfuss, Elena Schwarz • Edit Elena Schwarz • Producer Elena Schwarz

Stream Trailer

The Garden Of Robotic Unkraut

Angela Christlieb • AT 2022 • 30' • DCP • de/enOF+enUT

Hot, hot, hot - like fresh hand-rolled kaiserbuns! Just celebrated its sneak peek in New York, now premiering in Innsbruck. Angela Christlieb, an old acquaintance and much-loved DIAMETRALE guest, arrives with her latest film baby: a crispy music documentary about the band BLUEBLUT, who, appropriately enough, will be giving a guest performance at the p.m.k. the night before (yeah! finally concerts @p.m.k. again!). BLUEBLUT have dedicated themselves to experiment with instruments and posthuman avant-rock using the band‘s own sound robots („MIDI orchestra“). Christlieb, meanwhile, continues to tinker with her incomparable, loving film repertoire and presents us with THE GARDEN OF ROBOTIC UNKRAUT 30 minutes of musicfreak heaven. Who still needs a six-hour Beatles documentary?

Director Angela Christlieb • Cinematography Roland von den Sternen, Florian Hofer, Angela Christlieb, Daniel Pabst • Edit Angela Christlieb • Producer Chris Janka / jankaindustries • MUSIC BlueBlut + MIDI Orchestra • SOUND Chris Janka