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7th Edition Mar 01 – 05, 2023 Innsbruck, Austria



Internationaler Kurzfilmwettbewerb

9 Kurzfilme • 68'

DCP • Österreichpremieren

02.04.2022, 19:30
anschließende Preisverleihung Der Goldene Rahmen
Leokino Innsbruck

Internationaler Kurzfilmwettbewerb

DRRRRUMROOOLLLL für die glorreichen Neun! Neun Kurzfilme, die es aus über 500 Einreichungen aus aller Welt in den Olymp des diesjährigen DIAMETRALE Kurzfilmwettbewerbs geschafft haben. Handverlesen, durchgeschüttelt und gut verrüht kredenzen wir seit nunmehr sechs Jahren dem cinephilen Kinopublikum ein Programm so unvorhersehbar wie eine Bewegtbildpralinenschachtel. Man weiß nie, was eins bekommt. Und das soll so sein! Augen auf und durch! Die Fachjury vergibt im Anschluss den Filmpreis Der Goldene Rahmen an den eindrucksvollsten Film.

Jardins Paradise

Yza Nouiga • CAN 2021 • 6' • DCP • no dialogue

Garden of Eden, jardin à la française, English, Zen, Bahai, Arab-Islamic: Gardens reflect history, culture and heritage. They are some of the rare places where intimacy, gatherings, fun and religion coexist. Jardins Paradise ironically diverts the image of the garden as the embodiment of some paradisiacal Eden.

Director Yza Nouiga • Writer Yza Nouiga • Cinematography Soufiane Najah • Cast Lamia Chraibi, Benjamin Sekkat, Nora Meena, Khaled Antably, Kamélia Hadjadji

Our Mine

Shayna Strype • US 2021 • 10' • DCP • enOF+enUT

In a handcrafted world where nature exists in harmony, a handful of greedy businessmen exploit a mountain’s riches. The female body becomes both landscape and characters in an exploration of what happens when Man considers himself separate from Nature. This ecofeminist tragicomedy blurs the line between fable and reality.

Director Shayna Strype • Writer Shayna Strype • Cast Shayna Strype • Producer Heather Henson, Sam Koji Hale, Alex Griffin, Jessica Simon

Si las vides lloran (While the Vines Weep)

Laura Moreno Bueno • ESP 2021 • 6' • DCP • no dialogue

While the Vines Weep explores the emotions that emanate from crying. A sensory journey through the corporeality of two women who are one. Is it possible to reach ecstasy through movement? The filmmaker explores the duality of feelings and let the bodies speak to each other and express what words cannot.

Director Laura Moreno Bueno • Writer Laura Moreno Bueno • Cast Helena Strela, Laura Moreno • Producer Jorge Castrillo

Perfect as Cats

Kevin Vu • US 2021 • 18' • DCP • enOF

The film explores the relationship and power dynamics between quiet and asocial sisters Henriette and Anais. They attend an isolated, all-women’s school but find their close bond threatened, and deep-rooted jealousies unleashed, once Anais befriends Madchen – a charismatic new classmate.

Director Kevin Vu • Writer Kevin Vu • Cast Tatienne Hendricks-Tellefsen, Claire McClain • Producer Raines Plambeck, Kathleen Chew, Anders Berg

Mappatura. AKA: the city as a musealized taxonomy of human dissapointments

Niccolò Buttigliero Junior • IT 2021 • 6' • DCP • itOF+enUT

A night of painful solitude, discovering the true nature of a city.

Director Niccolò Buttigliero Junior • Writer Niccolò Buttigliero Junior • Cinematography Luca Pescaglini • Edit Richi “westside” Maione • Cast Richi “westside” Maione, Nikolai", Wanda Gomboli, “Debbie”, Niccolò Ferrero • Producer Niccolò Buttigliero, Riccardo Maione • SOUND Ari Stead

How I Choose to Spend the Remainder of my Birthing Years

Sarah Lasley • US 2021 • 6' • DCP • enOF

Blending personal narrative with shared pop cultural experience, the artist manifests a longheld childhood fantasy set within the love scene from „Dirty Dancing“ (1987). The film juxtaposes pre-pubescent sexual desire with that of a woman descending her sexual peak.

Director Sarah Lasley

Pata y Muslo (Thigh and Drumstick)

Jennifer Moule • ARG 2021 • 8' • DCP • esOF+enUT

On an astro pitch in Buenos Aires two teams embark on a surreal contest. A satirical reimagining of a football match, that turns into a dance, a seduction of the camera and finally, a Gatsby tea party, while the soundtrack explodes with free jazz.

Director Jennifer Moule • Writer Jennifer Moule • Cast Lydia Stevens “Nordic Player”, Julieta Lecot “Nordic Player”, Natalia PonsoKey Cast"Argentine Player", Nela Fortunato “Argentine Player”, Barbara Alonso “Argentine Player”, Yannick du Plessis “Argentine Coach”, Raymond Lee “Nordic Coach”, Bailey Bial “Nordic Player”, Belén Fernández Díaz “Nordic Player”, Javiera Molina Galdames “Argentine Player”, Miguel Patiño “Argentine Player”, Maria Lau Pey

Leave Your Body

Natasha Cantwell • AU 2021 • 4' • DCP • no dialogue

Shot within the constraints of Melbourne’s ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns, LEAVE YOUR BODY features the apartment where the filmmaker spent the better part of 2020 and 2021. However, where she sees a prison, her partner Sean sees a sanctuary. To him these five rooms are a fortress, not only protecting them from the virus, but also from the social pressure to interact with strangers. Portraying a fictitious version of himself defends his solitude while quietly losing touch with reality.

Director Natasha Cantwell • Cast Sean Molloy

Work it Class!

Pol Diggler • ESP • 2021 • 8 • DCP • enOF

During a fancy New Year‘s Eve party, two dancers will try to mock the upper class audience by changing the song of their performance.

Director Pol Diggler • Writer Pol Diggler • Edit Pol Diggler, Ferran Pujol • Cast Roser Bundó “Dancer"Director’s Cut, IP-IS, Artur Villalba “Dancer”, Miriam Marcet “Hostess” Horrorscope, Morgan Symes “Host"Horrorscope, Edgar Moreno “DJ”, Jose Luis Miranda • Producer Alex Man, Noelia Batet • SOUND Ferran Pujo, lAlbert Fariñas