Sabatonic Garden
FI/CZ 2017 . 22‘ . no dialogue

Sa 13.04.2019 – 03:00 – p.m.k

Für alle, die dann immer noch nicht genug haben: mit dem DIAMETRALE-Rausschmeißfilm wird dann jede*r zur Einsicht kommen, dass alles ein Ende hat. Schluss. Aus. Ende. Vorbei. Aufwiedersehn. Goodbye. Bis zum nächsten Mal!

Seemingly lost but determined middle-aged Fantom rumbles in the jungle. Amazon Wrestler, Owl-man, Ghost and the Evil Tent appear and disappear in mystic unsolved struggles. Time and space tremble in self-destructive narrative. But what is Mandrake doing and who is the Priestess?
Loosely based on comic character Phantom created by Lee Falk in 1936.

Sabotanic Garden is an International Music and performance group. Established 2007 in Finland by performance artist Pasi Mäkelä and sound artist Jussi Saivo.
Seeking the inspiration from dumping grounds and wastelands of art – Fueled by the omnipotent and subconscious tradition of it‘s own creation.

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