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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria


News, 04.04.2022

Interview with director Frigge Fri (DARK BLOSSOM)

“Dark Blossom” – with FRIGGE FRI about the beauty behind filmmaking

“If you don’t have a community in which to mirror yourself, then who are you?” – quoting the documentary film DARK BLOSSOM (2021) by danish film- and music video-director Frigge Fri. Tomorrow her film will be screened at DIAMETRALE – Filmfestival in Innsbruck.

DARK BLOSSOM follows the story of a vulnerable teenage friendship, which leaves you with a feeling as if you’ve just watched a dramatic feature film. Unusual for documentaries, it has a very artistic feel, where each filmstill can be seen as an artwork of its own – for its aesthetic cinematography, but also for its characters – Josephine, Nightmare and Jay – who are visually expressing their inner world to the outside, thus turning into DIY artworks themselves. At the end, not only we as viewers were moved by this film, but also director Frigge Fri, as she tells us in the interview.

Interview by komplex Kulturmagazin