Ronen Eldar
GB 2018 . 11‘ . eOF

Fr 12.04.2019 – 21:10 – Leokino2
Portrait Special with

Tettey Mansuro, ein in Westlondon lebender Künstler, trifft auf den Regisseur Ronen Eldar. Aus dieser Begegnung entsteht die experimentelle Kurzdoku. MUSIN‘ porträtiert Mansuros künstlerischen Schaffensprozess, sein Leben und den schmalen Grad am Rande des Wahnsinns, auf dem er wandelt.

MUSIN’ is an experimental documentary about Tettey Mansuro, an East London artist. It’s a musing about his process, life, and the thin line he walks on the edge of madness.

Ronen Eldar is a French/Israeli writer and director with a background in English literature and creative writing. He studied Filmmaking at the London Film School and has produced work that has been selected and screened in places such as Tokyo, San Francisco, London, and Edinburgh.Ronen’s fascination for Humans and their nature is what drives his work in both fiction and documentary. His work of fiction is usually centred around the strange and the fantastic. By creating stories with elements removed from reality, it allows to hold a mirror to our current reality and rethink it.

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