Jack Henry Robbins
US 2019 · 72‘ · DCP · eOF · Tirolpremiere
In (digitaler) Anwesenheit von Markus Keuschnigg (SLASH Filmfestival)

Tickets: VHYes Online-Stream

Do 15.07.2021 – 21:00 – Leokino 1
Vorfilm|Prelude: Crumbs #3 (Cinema Trailer)
(Jack Wormel · US 2020 · 3‘ · 16mm to DCP · eOF)

Das warme Bildrauschen von Magnetvideobändern ist die Schmiere, auf der dieser auf VHS und Betacam gedrehte Rücksturz ins ästhetische Herz der 80er-Jahre direkt ins Zuschauer:innenhirn rutscht. 1987 bekommt ein Junge einen Camcorder geschenkt und überspielt sogleich das Hochzeitsvideo der Eltern mit Fernsehsendungen und eigenen Aufnahmen. VHYes ist Retro-Zapping mit unheimlichen Unterströmungen, ein Cross-Media-Projekt direkt aus der Twilight Zone mit Gastauftritten von Susan Sarandon und Tim Robbins, den Eltern des 1989 geborenen Regisseurs. (SLASH Filmfestival)

The warm visual static of magnetic video tape is the grease on which this love letter to the 1980s aesthetic—shot entirely on VHS and Beta—slides into the viewers’ brains. The year is 1987: A boy is given a camcorder with which he promptly tapes over his parents’ wedding video with television shows and his own recordings. VHYes is retro-zapping with uncanny undercurrents, a cross-media project delivered directly from the Twilight Zone with guest appearances by Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, the parents of the movie’s director, who was born in 1989.

Jack Henry Robbins (*1989) is a filmmaker and human being from New York City who is currently in traffic in Los Angeles. Jack Henry’s short films, Painting with Joan and Hot Winter: A Film by Dick Pierre, premiered in back-to-back years at Sundance, 2017 and 2018. His web series ULTIMATE ULTIMATE, a show about amateur DJs, was developed into a TV show by Comedy Central and currently lives on Funny or Die. His documentary THESE STORIED STREETS about America’s homeless population has won awards at multiple festivals, and he is proud about what the film has done to raise awareness for an issue dear to his heart. Jack Henry is 6 foot 4 and still can’t dunk a basketball.

Director Jack Henry Robbins Writer Nunzio Randazzo, Jack Henry Robbins Cinematography Nate Gold Edit Avner Shiloah Cast Jake Head, Christopher Marble, Christian Drerup Music Eric D. Johnson Producer Daniel Berger, Chen Chen, Aaron Katz

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