Instruções Para Uma Revolução / Bullet Points For A Revolution
Portugal 2018, 11′

Jury Statement
BULLET POINTS FOR A REVOLUTION is kitchen sink revolution at its best. It is a tutorial for the theatrics of being a revolutionary subject. It turns method acting into a shamanistic performance meets modern dance. It offers a revolutionary lesson in countenance, attitude and spirit and their deconstruction by social media templates. Yet, BULLET POINTS FOR A REVOLUTION is also a surprisingly coherent film in which script, acting, mise-en-scene, cinematography and sound complement and reinforce each other and show us what it means to live our contradictions in the 21st century.


Director, Writer
Tiago Rosa-Rosso

Rui Simões, Jacinta Barros

Key Cast
Luis Odriozola, Inês Cartaxo, Ana Paula Gusmão, Zé Bernardino, Lucie Lintanf