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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria



Le Chant Des Corbeaux

Charlotte Vitaioli & Joachim Monvoisin • FR 2016 • 23min

08.04.2017, 17:30 Leokino

LE CHANT DES CORBEAUX is a motorbike travel about the problematic of the Road Movie, where the concept of escape is omnipresent. Taking place in a spatio-temporel context not defined, this experimental auto-fiction borrowing both from the Western Spaghetti as the gothic movie esthetic. In a snowy no man’s land, a young woman, who carries mysterious suitcases, is implied in a strange mission. On the road, she meets a biker which is embrigaded in her quest. Hunted by a dark car, the two characters fall slowly into an endless story.

Charlotte Vitaioli & Joachim Monvoisin were born in Rennes, France. They obtained the Higher National Diploma in Arts at the Fine Art of Quimper, France (2010). Both work as visual artists & film directors.