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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria




7 Kurzfilme • 67' • DCP

18.07.2020, 22:00 Leokino

B-Sides Screening

TÄNGBÄNGZOING! Ein ganz besonderes Platzerl auf der DIAMETRALE-Landkarte sind die räudigen kleinen Schwestern des Kurzfilmwettbewerbs, die rotzfrechen und völlig verspulten B-SIDES!

A Skulk in London

Polina Chizhova, James Wright • GB 2018 • 5' • HDV • ND

The work A Skulk in London explores the human projections onto animal life from a satirical perspective. Its aim is research the life of urban foxes amid the Anthropocene environment of central London and the mythologies surrounding them to highlight the human tendency of understanding.

Director Polina Chizhova, James Wright • Producer Flying Object


Chase Bernstein • US 20119 • 11' • HDV • eOF

A group of students try to ignore the fact that their friends are randomly bleeding to death

Director, Writer, Producer, Music Chase Bernstein • Cinematography Zander Riley, Chase Bernstein • Cast Joe Dylan, Aaron Donaldson, Chase Bernstein

I want to Assassinate

Masashi Hamauzu • JP 2019 • 4' • HDV • OF+eUT

This story’s heroine is about to start a big movement. Disguising herself, her imagination begins to go wild and, while she is waiting for this one moment to happen, her emotions are running high. But eventually she chooses the happiness right before her eyes over a fight against authority.

Director, Writer, ProducerMasashi Hamauzu • Cast Mina


Chickenchris, Alexis Blithikiotis • FR/DE 2019 • 15' • HDV • ND

A man suddenly suffers from migraine. He invites us in his head to discover the root of his suffering. With this, a hypnotic journey through the body starts.

Director, Producer Chickenchris, Alexis Blithikiotis • Writer, Edit Chickenchris • Cinematography Laurent Meunier, Richard Béguier • Cast Cyrille Divry, Olivier Caillaud, Véronique Caquineau • Sound Jitterlag

11536 Units

Jan Rehwinkel • DE 2018 • 2' • HDV • ND

In this camera-less film I work on serial drawings and their relation to time. While I work on the color layers of the film and being dedicated too the single frame, I get detached from the medium film temporarily. For the framework respectively the structuring of moving images there are the speed of projection by 24 frames a second and the sound.

Animation, Edit, Producer Jan Rehwinkel

The New and Exciting Sights and Sounds of Bobby Blunt

Bobby Blunt • US 2018 • 15' • HDV • eOF • Österreichpremiere

A Psychedelic Journey through Time Space and Jazz. A Psychedelic Journey through Time Space and Jazz. A Psychedelic Journey through Time Space and Jazz. A Psychedelic Journey through Time Space and Jazz.

Biography Bobby Blunt is an Alien From Outer Space. • Director, Writer, Producer Bobby Blunt