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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria



Short Film Competition

9 Short Films • 80‘ • DCP


18.07.2020, 19:45 Leokino Moderation: Marian Wilhelm (Filmkritiker) • Q&A with Anrea Marchese (Compendium of the Impossible), Bergur Àrnason (Gulrætur/Carrots)

Internationaler Kurzfilmwettbewerb

Die schönsten, wildesten, überraschendsten, komischsten neuen Filme aus über 400 Einreichungen weltweit. Augen auf und durch! Die Fachjury vergibt im Anschluss den Filmpreis Der Goldene Rahmen an den eindrucksvollsten Film.


Maryna Stepanska • UA 2019 • 11' • DCP • OF+eUT • Österreichpremiere

A typical morning in a Lviv household - the family is getting ready to have breakfast. Suddenly, something terrible happens

Screenplay Marina Stepanska • Cinematography Sebastian Thaler • Production Darya Bassel, Marina Stepanska, Natalia Libet • Cast Daria Polunina, Tetyana Kaspruk, Olga Zayarna, Kristina Ignat

Compendium of the Impossible

Andrea Marchese • IT 2019 • 4' • DCP • ND • Österreichpremiere

A short film exploring the paradoxical relationships between humans and nature. With an ironic and pataphysic approach, we see 4 different shapes of impossible actions, related to the 4 elements. This film is a sort of tribute to the universal tension to cross the boundaries of the real and the imaginary.

Cast Laurence Henriquez, Oliver Marcos, Andrea Marchese, James la Motta • Sound, Edit Keyla Egan


Bergur Àrnason • IS 2012 • 15' • DCP • OF+eUT • Österreichpremiere

Based on the eponymous short story by Haraldur D Thorvaldsson, Siggi, a young man tries to deal with a world where he does not fit in and where everyone around him seem to be obsessed with carrots, forcing them upon him. An analogy that examines his relationship with love, family and isolation.

Writer Bergur Àrnason • Producer Laura López Cast Sigríður Traustason, Sigríður Láretta Jónsdóttir • Cinematographer Steinn Þorkelsson • Music Tumi Àrnason, Vigfús Karl Steinsson


Natasha Cantwell • AU 2019 • 1' • DCP • ND • Österreichpremiere

As contemporary life submerges us further into the digital realm, will we forget how to connect with the natural world? This film imagines a ritual for feeding birds, shaped from misremembered childhood memories.

Cast Andrei Romaniuk • Music Reilly Smethurst

Two Bodies on a Beach

Anna Paavilainen • FIN 2019 • 20' • DCP • OF+eUT

A woman wakes up on a beach wrapped in plastic, half naked and in high heels. She persuades an older woman wha has been pushed to the margins of society to accompany her on her revenge trip.

Writer Anna Paavilainen, Laura Birn • Cinematographer Jarmo Kiuru • Editor Tuuli Alanärä • Cast Tuuli Alanärä, Rea Mauranen • Producer Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff

Wake Me Up, Let Me Sleep

Marizó Siller • US 2019 • 7' • DCP • ND • Österreichpremiere

Wake Me Up, Let Me Sleep follows a human running from anxiety manifested as herself. Jumping from one dream to dream the human learns to accept this visions of herself.

Writer, Producer, Performer Marizó Siller • Cinematographer Keelan Carothers • Music Argel Cota

Space Tape

Yuma Slowbinder • US 2019 • 6' • DCP • OF+eUT • Österreichpremiere

Become art, worship videotape, and win arguments with hearse drivers in less than seven minutes! By using concentrated narrative elements we pre packaged three unique tales in one short: tripling the value of our competitors with half the runtime!

Writer JYuma Slowbinder • Producer Louise de Nexon • Cast Steve Boghossian, Imogen Roux, Jack Wedge, Holly La Roche, Jake Fertig

der und die

Peter Böving • DE 2019 • 9' • DCP • OF+eUT • Österreichpremiere

A love poem by Ernst Jandl is the basis for a musical “Tête-à-Tête” between a Dresden woman and a Martian. In a rental car it comes fast to a rushing love scene, which ends in total chaos in the environment of a violent Monday demo.

Writer, Producer Peter Böving • Voices Manfred Lehmann, Anna Mateur, Zeha Schmidtke


Sandra Isacsson, Caroline Wallén • SE 2019 • 8' • DCP • OF+eUT • Österreichpremiere

A group of men participates in a music video shoot. The female directors instruct them to eat bananas. But simple as it may seem, the cast soon find themselves trying to fulfill the gradually more bizarre and challenging requests from the directors. How far are these men willing to stretch their boundaries? It’s just bananas!

Producer Andreas Nordblom • Cast Mikael Goralski, Peter Isacson, Ivar Grahn, Tommy Åberg, Gunnar Johansson, Jan E. Johansson • Cinematographer, Sound Sandra Isacsson, Caroline Wallén