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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria




10 Kurzfilme • 60' • DCP

17.07.2021, 22:00 Leokino Q&A mit Karin Ferrari (Regisseurin M H Y T N I X) und Bianca Caderas (Regisseurin JEROBOAM)

B-Sides Screening

TÄNGBÄNGZOING! Ein ganz besonderes Platzerl auf der DIAMETRALE-Landkarte sind die räudigen kleinen Schwestern des Kurzfilmwettbewerbs, die rotzfrechen und völlig verspulten B-SIDES!

Absolutely Bizarre! DIAMETRALE B-SIDES presents the weirdest film submissions:


Rick Niebe • IT 2019 • 1‘ • DCP • no dialogue

Tortured found footage for a short piano piece of Galina Ustvolskaya – an experiments in celluloid.

Music Galina Ustvolskaya


Bianca Caderas • DE 2020 • 7‘ • DCP • OF+eUT

Be it at bars, house parties or romantic dinners, the people in Jeroboam like to raise their champagne-filled glasses. However, they all seem quite indifferent to the cruelty necessary to give their favourite beverage its signature fizz. (Tricky Women)

Music, Sound Jascha Dormann

m h y t n i x

Karin Ferrari, Bernhard Garnicnig, Peter Moosgaard • AT 2020 • 22‘ • DCP • eOF

m h y t n i x is a psychedelic live action/animation movie about three bored millennials who set out to search the origin of the modern panacea, lithium. A tightly packed journey into the unconscious of the Internet. The aesthetics of the experimental film deserve special attention.

Writer, Animation Karin Ferrari • Cast Karin Ferrari, Bernhard Garnicnig, Peter Moosgaard • Sound Bernhard Garnicniga

where i don‘t meet you

Charlotte Clermont • CA 2020 • 4‘ • DCP • no dialogue

Shot on Super 8, where i don‘t meet you is based on its own physicality by the means of a DIY hand processing technique, where the film‘s materiality is treated not only as a medium but also as a subject. Its narrative structure reflects a work on film deconstruction, which joins an unpredictable and experimental universe.

Soundmix Jonathan Lachanceag

Anatomie eines Weltverständnisses

Alexander Fischer • DE 2020 • 3‘ • DCP • dOF+eUT

Mr. Bulge did not water the orchid from Mr. Belly. In order to escape responsibility, he spins a confusing web of lies and conspiracy theories, in which he eventually gets caught.

Writer Lorenzo Schicho, Alexander Peskador • Cast Albert Meisl, Lorenzo Schicho • Cinematographer Ferdinand Koestler • Assistant Director Sebastian Bobik • Sound Elias Maximilian • Producer Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


Alejandro Junyao Zhang • US 2020 • 3‘ • DCP • no dialogue

Habitat is a video work presenting a surrealist acid exploration in a queer-identified space. It is inspired by the desire to create post-club environments to contain the artist’s queer identity and the protest against the social nonacceptance of queer identity in Chinese society.

Writer, Producer Alejandro Junyao Zhang • Music Öil Nature

Table Talk

Celia Cooley, Mark Cooley • US 2020 • 2‘ • DCP • eOF

The vast implications of Kristi‘s Post.

Writer, Cast Celia Cooley

A Void

Ida Thomasdotter • UK 2020 • 2‘ • DCP • eOF

A visual poem that takes a tragicomic look at anxiety.

Writer, Producer Ida Thomasdotter • Cast Blomma


Dede Preti • IT 2020 • 2‘ • DCP • no dialogue

Grotto is a documentary about the masks and creatures that decorate the old buildings of the historical center of Brescia (Northern-Italy), as well as an attempt to make them live.

Writer, Producer, Performer Dede Preti

las espigadoras, y: ritual para cuerpos señalizados

Benjamin Rosenthal, Eric Souther • US 2020 • 8‘ • DCP • no dialogue

las espigadoras, y: ritual para cuerpos señalizados (the gleaners, and: ritual for signaled bodies) is an experimental animation made in part with live techniques where 3D animations are „performed“ in synchronization with sound to produce images that are recorded, layered, re-performed, and re-recorded.

Writer, Producer Alejandro Junyao Zhang • Music Öil Nature