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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria



Short Film Competition

8 Kurzfilme • 80‘ • DCP

17.07.2021, 19:45 Leokino Q&A with Dave Lojek (Director: Occurrences of Questionable Significance) • Moderation: Marian Wilhelm (Filmkritiker

Internationaler Kurzfilmwettbewerb

DRRRRUMROOOLLLL für die glorreichen Acht! Acht Kurzfilme, die es aus über 400 Einreichungen aus aller Welt in den Olymp des diesjährigen DIAMETRALE Kurzfilmwettbewerbs geschafft haben. Handverlesen, durchgeschüttelt und gut verrrüht kredenzen wir seit nunmehr fünf Jahren dem cinephilen Kinopulbikum ein Programm so unvorhersehbar wie eine Bewegtbildpralinenschachtel. Man weiß nie, was eins bekommt. Und das soll so sein! Augen auf und durch! Die Fachjury vergibt im Anschluss den Filmpreis Der Goldene Rahmen – mit einer Originalzeichnung von der Künstlerin Sophia Süßmilch – an den eindrucksvollsten Film.

Can You Hear Me Dream?

Jack Mason-Intini • AU 2020 • 7‘ • DCP • eOF+eUT • Österreichpremiere

Scotty, a repressed soldier with aspirations to become a dancer, has a dream; a long, confusing and traumatising dream. He’ll have to combat the strange distortions, uncomfortable visions and the strange pain in his leg to make it through, find his purpose and live the best day of his life before the dream ends.

Cast Stefan Kaldis, Joy Gichuhi, Peter Mitchell • Edit Alice Yang • Cinematographer Isaac Doman, Rebecca Duncker • Sound Ella Neumann, Sukhbir Gill

Midnight Coffee

Jaime Levinas • US 2019 • 13‘ • DCP • eOF+eUT • Österreichpremiere

When a tragically-burnt coffee drives a barista past his breaking point, it unleashes a strange and unquestioned force. Midnight Coffee is an highly stylized absurd examination of work addiction and millennial post-humanity.

Writer Isabelle Platt, Jaime Levinas • Producers Richard Levin, Lindsay Calleran • Cast Amos Poe, Tina Makharadze, Jordan Theodore, Charles Mai, Elana Noy, Sean Edward Evans, Vianny Guevara

Zen Basketball

Mike Hoolbooms • CA 2020 • 4‘ • DCP • eOF • Österreichpremiere

In a series of simple frames, the often misunderstood practice of Zen takes shape as basketball bliss. Now in retirement, the greatest defensive player of the amateur leagues continues to practice on a remote island, far from the madding crowds. His techniques and dedication undergo continual refinement, revealed here in this startling exposé.

Writer, Producer, Cast Mike Hoolboom

The Grumbling Peapicker

Savannah Whitten • US 2020 • 5‘ • DCP • eOF • Österreichpremiere

A grumpy farmer and an unhappy woman share a meal, but things get weird when an unexpected guest arrives.

Assistant Director Lee Esposito • Cinematographer, Editor Chris Hammarberg • Cast Vincent Caffarello, Savannah Whitten Producer Ritterhaus Productions, LLC

If You are Sitting on a Swing.

Natalia Poluyanova • RU 2020 • 24‘ • DCP • ruOF+eUT • Österreichpremiere

This is a film about the infantile generation of our time living in St. Petersburg. The heroes of the film openly behave like children. They are idlers and „grandmother‘s grandchildren“, aimlessly wasting their lives with holiday. On this attraction of the absurd there is a high probability of losing balance and falling.

Producers Maxim Ananyev , Natalia Poluyanova • Cast Ivan Brovin, Inna Stepanova, Vera Karpova, Maria Fenevaff

Behind The Veil

Dina Amin • PS 2020 • 1‘ • DCP • no dialogue • Österreichpremiere

How does our dual existence give space to explore and define our identity? Living under occupation permanently threatens the Palestinian existence and identity. Leading to a double identity in various forms; including dispersal between freedom and restrictions. And these dispersions create people of two worlds.

Cinematographer, Editor Fadi Dahabreh • Producer Mai Zarkawi, Scene z • Cast Aya Abu Atia, Ghassan Zarkawi • Music Deeb Amoury

Occurrences of Questionable Significance

Dave Lojek • PL 2020 • 9‘ • DCP • abstract dialogue • Österreichpremiere

When forest animals invade our cities, the world is in disarray. Office fox Fiona struggles with her phone addiction. Will she succumb to it? Temperamental bunny Barbara only gives her stag sugar daddy Nestor his special massage, after he dines her and plays the big spender. This obscure short pinpoints postmodern tropes of consumerism, eroticism, and art with an homage to the theater stage and references to literature. The film uses a fantasy language and needs no subtitles.

Cinematographer Marco Griffini • Composer Mirko Rizzello • Cast Masha Mister Cat, Magda „Furry“ Małek, Andrzej Maminski

Dear tree, please don‘t spill on our grave

Jonne Covers • SE 2019 • 15‘ • DCP • eOF+eUT • Österreichpremiere

The film tells a short story about the history of humankind. In an attempt to make sense of it all, the film origins from a somewhat dry research to ‚how did we get here?‘ and ‚what is that ‚here‘ anyway?‘. Of course this lead to nothing but more questions. So here is a clunky film about adventurous Anna, who lives in a toilet, and who accidentally throws herself a surprise party.

Cinematographer Floris Verweij • Sound Sam Huisman, Luc van Baaren • Music Thomas Jaspers, Jort Terwijn • Foley artist Suzan van Eck • Cast Anna Fransen, Laurens van de Linde • Colorist Luuk van Stegeren • Producer Jonne CoveJackrs