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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria


Side Event


01.04.2022, 17:00 Leokino Foyer kostenlos, keine Voranmeldung/Ticketkauf notwendig


Brille angeschnallt, Kopfhörer aufgesetzt, Realität abgedreht! Werft einen Blick in die Zukunft von gestern und taucht in die immersiven VR-Geschichten ab. Unsere VR-Station ist wie schon letztes Jahr im Foyer des Leokinos zu finden.

Von Fr 01. – So 03.04. jeweils von 17:00 bis 21:00 im Leokino Foyer.


Davide Rapp • IT 2021 • 15' • VR360 • no dialogue

Montegelato is a montage film in VR, the first of its kind. Hundreds of cinematic sequences define a three-dimensional collage of the Monte Gelato waterfalls (Rome) as they have been filmed in more than 180 productions including films, TV series and commercials.

In The Mist

Chou Tung-yen • TW 2020 • 15' • VR360 • no dialogue

Exploring a male sauna through poetic lenses to take a peek into something that’s hidden under the desire—the love without love.

A Frequency At Lavernock

Tracy Spottiswoode • UK 2021 • 8' • VR360 • no dialogue

A performance piece inspired by a ghostly fairy tale from the coast of Wales.

ILISSOS/ limbo eξόtica

Orig. ΙΛΙΣΣΟΣ/ λίμπο eξόtica • Natasha Sarantopoulou • GR 2021 • 10' • VR360 • no dialogue

A 3D 360-degree virtual experience along the invisible course of the river Ilissos invites us to look anew at this forgotten waterway in the city of Athens that, though now out of sight, never did stop moving.


Bela Paprena • AR 2021 • 4' • VR360 • no dialogue

guario is a VR experience which explores the four horizons when the universal clock switches. A sword stuck pointing down is burying the secret: The edge of a sword is not as powerful as its ability to reflect light.

The Bird I Made

Seo Kim (Minkyung Kim), Youngho Myung • KR 2019 • 15' • VR360 • no dialogue

It’s a VR film based on a boy’s natural observation journal, The Bird I Made. After the fourth nuclear explosion, all humans and creatures perish. In the world, only the souls of birds and the plastic sculptures made by humans are floating in the sky. You will become one of the pieces and join the process of combining the souls of the birds with the pieces to create a new world of birds.

Meet Me At The Station

Roderick Coover • PL 2021 • 10' • VR360 • no dialogue

Meet Me At At Station is a dreamlike, musical experience for VR, Fulldome and 360 cinema that follows a lonely scientist’s anxiety about time and being late. He travels into clocks, zoetropes and silent film memories as he searches for his love and evil father whom he blames for her death.