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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria


News, 17.07.2021

Winner Short Film Competition 2021

Jury Statement

Today, we had an extensive discussion about the films in the diverse competition program. Finally, we settled on a winning film. This film deals with a timeless theme in an entertaining and surprising way. Dream and trauma merge in an experimental choreography of image and sound. Shortly before his death, a soldier encounters the people who shaped him, but who are diametrically opposed in their worldview: the conservative father figure and the social media crush. One taught him how to fight, the other how to dance. Can You Hear Me Dream? by Australian filmmaker Jack Mason-Intini manages to turn the serious subject of war into the absurdly comic in its dance of death. Because he draws us into the spell of the dream without trivializing the trauma, we would like to award Can You Hear me Dream? the DIAMETRALE Short Film Prize ‘The Golden Frame’ today. Congratulations!

Statement by Valerie Dirk, Michael Schmied and Daniel Dlouhy

Can You Hear Me Dream?

Jack Mason-Intini • AU 2020 • 7min

Scotty, a repressed soldier with aspirations to become a dancer, has a dream; a long, confusing and traumatising dream. An oppressive father figure, a parasocial relationship with his inspiration and a wedding he’s forced into despite any real connection with the bride. He’ll have to combat the strange distortions, uncomfortable visions and the strange pain in his leg to make it through, find his purpose and live the best day of his life before the dream ends.

Cast Stefan Kaldis, Joy Gichuhi, Peter Mitchell • Edit Alice Yang • Cinematographer Isaac Doman, Rebecca Duncker • Sound Ella Neumann, Sukhbir Gil


Jack Mason-Intini is an Australian film maker. He is visiting the MAPS (Media Arts Production Skills) Film School. His main focus is on dark comedy, psychological horror, and dramedy.