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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria


News, 28.05.2023

Lautes Filmkränzchen im Hinterhof

DIAMETRALE x Heart of Noise, 28.05.2023

So 28.05.2023 • 12:00 • Cinematograph Innsbruck


6 Kurzfilme • UK/BRD/DE/AT/CH • 63min • DCP • Originalfassungen (mit Untertiteln)

Das laute Filmkränzchen im Hinterhof zeigt mit Hinblick auf das diesjährige Thema des Heart of Noise „War is Stupid“ psychedelische Musikvideoexperimente (ELVIN BRANDHI – EMPTY WEEPING), widmet sich dokumentarisch dem aktivistischen Potential von Noise (NO ONE WANTS IT), transformiert Militärparaden in farbenprächtige Militärparodien (SUPERBIA) und entwirft gnadenlosglitchige Harsh Noise-Visionen (AG-MX70PLUS #2). Anschließend entführt der psychoaktive Irrfahrtsfilm NEVER GATE (internationale Premiere) in die bizarre Welt des Eurotrashs. Soviel darf verraten und name-gedropped werden: Lydia Lunch spielt eine Bienenkönigin, DJ Marcelle (Heart of Noise 2022) versucht zu retten, was noch zu retten ist und der liebe Breakcore-Onkel Otto von Schirach liefert den Soundtrack – absurd komisch, hochgradig skurril und unfassbar verrückt! Mit topgeheimem Überraschungsfilm am Ende!

— in Kooperation mit Heart of Noise

Elvin Brandhi – Empty Weeping

Elvin Brandhi • UK 2019 • 4min • DCP • MuVi • Kinopremiere

No One Wants It

Ronen Eldar & Oliver Zimmermann • DE 2022 • 11min • DCP • enOF+enUT • Österreichpremiere

NO ONE WANTS IT, tells the story of two artist-activists, who use Noise as a form of protest against the dismantling of human liberties in Hong Kong. The film employs a non-conventional documentary style to bring an abstract and fluid style, reminiscent of the New Wave, which is a big influence in their work.

Key Cast Chi Him Chik, Sascha Brosamer • Editor Athénaïs Laffont • Producer Sascha Brosamer

Superbia – Der Stolz

Ulrike Ottinger • BRD 1986 • 15min • DCP • deOF+enUT • Tirolpremiere

The triumphal procession of the giant haystack as a symbol of human vanities becomes a military parade of abrupt, functional and arrogant gestures. Part of the omnibus film Seven Women, Seven Sins. (MUBI)

Writer, Cinematography Ulrike Ottinger • Editor Bettina Böhler • Producer Ulrike Ottinger Filmproduktion

AG-MX70plus #2

Stefan Tiefengraber • AT 2021 • 6min • DCP • no dialouge • Tirolpremiere

Following the no-input approach, Tiefengraber generates sound and video using only the inherent noise from two devices, a digital video mixer and a digital audio mixer.

Cinematography, Producer Stefan Tiefengraber


Elena Montesinos & JD Schneider • CH 2022 • 23min • DCP • enOF+enUT • Internationale Premiere

It looks like the end of the world in the middle of a vast dump that stretches as far as the eye can see. A mad preacher (Silverio) bedecked in a black disco suit fulminates and screams at some kind of human parasites. An eccentric bunch of freaks prepares a telepathic meeting. The Queen of the beehive (Lydia Lunch) bellows out her anger at the world while “earworms” fallen from space broadcast subversive messages (created by Otto Von Schirach).

Never Gate is a strange and inspired “crazy trip”, shot mainly in “broken English” (and a few european languages) and infused with spirals of lysergic fantasy. It tells the story of the extraordinary and energetic fauna that inhabits a residence which is bizarrely reminiscent of a psychiatric hospital and begs the question “is this some kind of madhouse?”

Editor Jared DC Shine • Cast Khan Of Finland, Lydia Lunch, DJ Marcelle • Sound Daniel Gendre • VFX Jean-Pascal Gaiffas • Music Otto von Schirach, DJ Marcelle, Khan Of Finland • Producers Ana Lugumerski, Sesame Not Online