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7th Edition Mar 01 – 05, 2023 Innsbruck, Austria




Song, Film, Same Title Vol 2: Archivbasiert moderierte Onscreen-CinephilieDiskursDisco

live at p.m.k

13.04.2019, 21:30 p.m.k

Song, Film, Same Title Vol 2: Screen Music & Sound Clips – Cinephile Sound File Disco

Named by chance to make you dance: So many films and songs share the same title. Do they know it? Jeff Bridges or David Bowie: who was John Carpenter´s Starman? Did Barbara Albert have Euroteuro´s 2018 song Tagada in mind when she made her same-titled film in 1998? Did Yul Brynner know that – long before being remade with Denzel Washington – his Western blockbuster The Magnificent Seven would lend its title to a Disco smasher by The Clash?

Deejay and film studies oddball Drehli Robnik theorises to the occasion and leaves no title idle: he plays the tune, shows the clip to go with it and talks them all to pieces. The Kinks would be inaudible without King Kong and Howard Hawks´ Big Sky, without Fassbinder´s Lola or one-shot-movie Victoria. Pride is a piece of cinematic protest and of enigmatic rap – Kendrick Lamar says: I wasn´t taught to share. But you gotta share the title. Share it, baby, shake it!

Drehli Robnik is a Vienna-based free-lance film and political theorist, part-time critic, essayist, talking disk-jockey and edutainer. He works on democracy, public history and cinema. His PhD is from Amsterdam University (2007). He is author/co-editor of German-language books on anti-nazi resistance in film, on Cronenberg, on Rancière, on Kracauer. Recently: Kontrollhorrorkino: Gegenwartsfilme zum prekären Regieren (2015). Forthcoming: DemoKRACy: Siegfried Kracauers Politik[Film]Theorie. https://independent.academia.edu/DrehliRobnik