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7th Edition Mar 01 – 05, 2023 Innsbruck, Austria




live at p.m.k

Alexander Yannilos (drums, edrums, fx) Patrick Pulsinger (modular synth)

13.04.2019, 00:30 p.m.k

MOTHERDRUM is an instrumental collective founded by Austrian drummer and producer Alexander Yannilos. Instead of a fixed lineup, MD gathers progressive musicians in different combinations around Yannilos´s hybrid drumset. Instead of reciting a set repertoire, it unleashes [con]temporary explosions of sound, burning genre-borders to the ground. Tracks are created on the fly, no rehearsal, no setlist, no undo. The result is a sizzling mix of morphing styles, that can move from Avantgarde Jazz to Broken Beat, grimy HipHop or Industrial Techno within just a couple of bars. Hard to put your finger on, easy to move your feet to.

MOTHERDRUM:MODULAR´s unique line-up features Yannilos´s electro-acoustic drumset [a mix of drum-synthesizers, effects and acoustic drums and cymbals] triggering [electronic music legend] Patrick Pulsingers sophisticated modular synthesizer, unlocking a new level of electronic interplay.