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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mar 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria


News, 08.07.2019

Screening: DAS MELANCHOLISCHE MÄDCHEN (kinovi[sie]on collaboration, 08.07.2019)

Mo 08.07.2019 • 20:00 • Leokino Innsbruck


DE 2019 • Susanne Heinrich • 80min • german OV • DCP

According to the girl from the film’s German title, melancholy girls can be typified as follows: they roam around, talk, have sex and nothing else happens. Yet there’s enough to see in the 14 episodes that make up this post-modern comedy. They are all characterised by a new encounter and an attempt by the girl to find resonance with people in the world around her. The episodes are as theatrical as they are colourful: from a ride on a unicorn through a neon-lit industrial area to aerobics with babies; nothing is too crazy in Susanne Heinrich’s fairy-tale, playful and absurdist world.

However, behind the façade of pastoral shades, tautly orchestrated sets and poppy neon lights, there seems to be a void. In her quest for the next place to sleep, the girl feels like a tourist in her own life. And in the conversations with her bed partners, she experiences no bonding, but only an empty echo of herself. (IFFR)

— in collaboration with kinovi[sie]on