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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mar 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria


News, 16.06.2023

DIAMETRALE x Medienfrisch (2023)

16.06.2023, Bschlabs in Tirol

Zweites Gastspiel in Bschlabs in Tirol bei der zweiten Medienfrische <3

Fr 16.06.2022 • 19:00–22:00 • Bschlabs Kino Vorplatz


Fr 16.06.2022 • 20:00 • Bschlabs Kino


Orig. Paradis sale • Bertrand Mandico • FR 2021 • 130min • franz. OmeU • Tirolpremiere • BluRay

In a distant future, on a savage planet, the lonely teenager Roxy frees a criminal buried in the sand. Once freed, the woman starts spreading fear and death again. Roxy and her mother Zora are deemed responsible, exiled from their community and sentenced to track down the killer. Thus, they begin roaming the fantastical and spectral territories of their dirty paradise. (Locarno Filmfestival)