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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mar 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria


News, 02.11.2023

Take Me Somewhere Nice (2019)

DIAMETRALE x Inncontro, 25.11.2023

SA 25.11.2023 • 20:00 • Leokino Innsbruck

Take Me Somewhere Nice

NL/BA 2019; director: Ena Sendijarević / 91 min / bosOF+engUT

Alma fled the war with her mother and grew up in the Netherlands. She has not visited Bosnia since her childhood - and neither has her father, who lives there and is now seriously ill. The teenager sets off for her parents’ homeland and is greeted by her unhelpful cousin Emir, who shows no interest in driving her estranged relative to the remote hospital. With only the clothes on her body and a smartphone in her hand, Alma sets off on her own journey by bus. Without any language skills or money, the journey turns into an adventurous road trip in which one absurd situation follows another.

Director Ena Sendijarević uses plenty of humor, bizarre camera angles and shrill sound to make the attitude to life of Generation Z tangible, addressing questions of identity, migration and East-West relations and turning stereotypes on their head.

INTRODUCTION Marco Friedrich Trenkwalder and Maurice Munisch Kumar

In cooperation with: Inncontro Filmfestival