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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria




10 Kurzfilme • 35min

HDV • Österreichpremieren

02.03.2024, 22:15 p.m.k Abendkassa only, Eintritt: EUR 10/15 pay as you wish (ganzes Abendprogramm in der p.m.k) • freier Eintritt mit Festivalpass

B-Sides Screening & Live Concert & DJing

TÄNGBÄNGZOING! Ein ganz besonderes Platzerl auf der DIAMETRALE-Landkarte sind die räudigen kleinen Schwestern des Kurzfilmwettbewerbs, die rotzfrechen und völlig verspulten B-SIDES! Hier tummelt sich ganz besonders eigenwilliges Filmgetier: sinnbefreite Tanzbären, Teufelsbeschwörungen oder Old-School-Sex- Education. Lasst euch von der rauschhaften Bild-Sound-Strömung aus sechs Ländern und 35 Minuten mitreißen! Direkt im Anschluss werfen wir ordentlich „Sound ins Getriebe“ (freiStil): Cosmica Bandida (co/de), DIE FITTEN TITTEN (at), We_are_god (ibk) and Cold Ass Ice (ibk).

Have You Done It Yet?

Megan Brisco • US 2023 • 3min • HDV • enOF • Österreichpremiere

A 1980’s experimental sex education film.

Writer Megan Brisco Crew Claire Beseler, Michael Bobin, Mason Gidusko, Sam Fleming


Tomas Orrego • US 2023 • 3min • HDV • ND • Österreichpremiere

When hungry, the black gloved tarantula crawls out of its crypt to feed. The pale flesh of innocent bodies it takes into dark corners to ejaculate. Using hand processed 16mm black and white film and a dismantled soundtrack, the atmosphere of a lost artifact is evoked.

Writer, Producer Tomas Orrego Cast Natalie Peracchio

Ada Ardor: Dream Trance

Ada Ardor, Le Capucin • UK 2023 • 3min • MuVi • HDV • Österreichpremiere

A cat discovers it is not allowed anymore one morning. Posters with its own face banned are all over the town and on tv. As the cat sees a monkey putting one of the posters right on its window, the cat looks under a lid it sees on the monkey’s head, and goes on a colourful journey across the monkey’s inflamed subconscious, which sheds some light on its behaviour.

Writer Ada Ardor, Le Capucin Illustrator Le Capuccin Editor Andrey Edelkin


Abby Elizabeth Falvo • CA 2023 • 3min • enOF • HDV • Österreichpremiere

Two curious women perform a ritual to make a call beyond the veil and discover that some calls are better unanswered.

Writer, Producer Abby Elizabeth Falvo, Lar Violet Cast Angie St. Mars, Karlee Liljegren, Lar Violet

Boris: Michikusa

Nalani Williams • US 2023 • 4min • MuVi • HDV • Österreichpremiere

Michikusa is an animated allegory set in a surreal and hellish landscape made of skin and bone. Man and nature battle for dominance in the unending cycle of life and death – or something in between.

Writer Nalani Williams Music Boris


Julian Bohlinger • DE 2023 • 3min • deOF+enUT • HDV • Österreichpremiere

Animated Film based on the story of the last queen of Hawaii.

Writer, Producer Andreas H. Drescher Animation Julian Bohlinger

The Pendulum

Hannu Nieminen • FIN 2023 • 6min • ND • HDV • Österreichpremiere

An experimental film. A rollercoaster of emotions from gloom to masochism, violence and remorse. The film was made by scratching, painting and otherwise in different ways abusing old 16mm film material.

Writer, Producer Hannu Nieminen

3 Bears

Roger Horn • US 2023 • 2min • HDV • Österreichpremiere

3 bears, a Chuck Norris sign, and a man walking a horse in the Romanian countryside. 3 Bears was filmed on Super 8mm in Romania and Czech Republic and features watercolor pictures created by my son in Berlin from three to five-years-old.

Producer Roger Horn

Useless Eaters

Ian Haig • AU 2022 • 2min • ND • HDV • Österreichpremiere

Mutated hackable bodies, bodies that didn’t quite work out and bodies that can no longer be classified as bodies. Drawing on the transhumanist musings of Yuval Noah Harari… Humans are now hackable animals.

Writer, Producer Ian Haig

Ziúr: Eyeroll (feat. Elvin Brandhi)

Sander Houtkruijer • DE 2023 • 4min • MuVi • HDV • Österreichpremiere

Experimental music video for Eyeroll.

Cast Elvin Brandhi, Ziúr