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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria




8 verspulte Kurzfilme • 32min

HDV • Österreichpremieren

04.03.2023, 22:15
Abendkassa only, Eintritt: EUR 10,00 (ganzes Abendprogramm in der p.m.k) • freier Eintritt mit Festivalpass

B-Sides Screening & Live Concert & DJing

TÄNGBÄNGZOING! Ein ganz besonderes Platzerl auf der DIAMETRALE-Landkarte sind die räudigen kleinen Schwestern des Kurzfilmwettbewerbs, die rotzfrechen und völlig verspulten B-SIDES! Hier tummelt sich ganz besonders eigenwilliges Filmgetier: psychonautische Reisen, deep- web-dives, Proto-Heimhorror und ganz viel GlitchKlickMusick. Lasst euch von der rauschhaften Bild-Sound-Strömung aus sechs Ländern und 35 Minuten mitreißen. Direkt im Anschluss werfen wir ordentlich „Sound ins Getriebe“ (freiStil): Bit-Tuner (ch) + Supportband (tba.) und EAT – badass feminist DJ network based in Innsbruck.

The Void

James Hubert • US 2022 • 3min • HDV • enOF • Österreichpremiere

“You‘ve been chosen by something for an oppor- tunity to enter The Void. You‘re sanity is not guaranteed.”

Writer James Hubert

Adolf Hibou - SATAN 2

Maxime Borowski • FR 2021 • 4min • HDV • ND • Österreichpremiere

The music video is essentially made of compu- ter-interpolated sequences using handmade drawings. Thanks to the amazing Ebsynth tool. It displays a monstrous pop degeneration through a ritual involving cigarettes, french wine and eye sewing, as the music gets more intense, almost abstract.

Assistant Elisa Elipou Janson • Music ADOLF HIBOU


Nicholas Long • US 2022 • 3min30 • DCP • jpOF+enUT • Österreichpremiere

You wake up to the sound of knocking from inside of your closet.

Writer, Editor Nicholas Long • Voice Testsuya Shouji Script Translator Yuto Omura

CARRÈ – Brothers

Jerry Scott Lopez • US 2022 • 6min • HDV • ND • Österreichpremiere

Animated surreal horror music video for Brothers by the experimental band CARRÈ. A cartoon nightmare in which one faceless woman’s visions foretell the end of her cozy existence.

Writer Jerry Scott Lopez • Producer CARRÈ (Keveen, Julien, Jules) • Music CARRÈ

Arse of 2022

Jessica Parnell • UK 2021 • 1min • HDV • enOF • Österreichpremiere

The video artist has an idea for her next video. It’ll just be her, filming her own arse and she’ll call the video ARSE. She has a discussion with a computer-generated art critic, who loves her video. It’s his favorite work of 2022.

Writer Jessica Parnell

The Decameron I

Kim Kielhofner • CA 2021 • 3min • HDV • ND • Österreichpremiere

Made during the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, THE DECAMERON I brings together many short collage videos documenting thoughts, dreams and anxieties. They were made in the style of The Decameron, the collection of 14th-century Italian novellas by Giovanni Boccaccio.

Writer Kim Kielhofner

The Source Of The Absolute Knowledge

Christine Gensheimer • DE 2022 • 5min • HDV • ND • Österreichpremiere

The Source Of The Absolute Knowledge meets The Power Of Photoshop.

Music Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Ħ❦Ш †⚈ 􏰀ђ@ηğe̟ ⶖ☻ЏƦスクリーンセーバー

Sebastián Sagot • CR 2022 • 7min • HDV • esOF+enUT • Österreichpremiere

When you look into the screen, it is possible to believe that the images that are projected on it come from within us, the images captivate, but even so, they cause us bewilderment. For a moment it may seem that everything is inter- twined, but then disorder arises again, the digital is shown to us as a labyrinth, created in our shape and likeness.

Visula Effekts Alejandro Ochoa