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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mar 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria



Sderot Kissufim

Noga Dekel • IL 2019 • 20'

DCP • hebrOF+eUT • Österreichpremiere

14.07.2021, 20:00 Leokino

A casual encounter on Tinder between Michal – a film student, and Alex – a local guy from Sderot, takes an unexpected turn, while the two embark on a poetic journey between Sderot and Paris. (festivalscope.com)

Director Statement: The film deals with the strangeness to one another that is inherent in the characters of Michal and Alex, and in their relation to Sderot – the city in which they live. Michal, a film student who came from the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area, considers the city of Sderot a temporary home and recoils from becoming attached to it. Alex, a Russian fella ashamed of his origins, is part of the minority within the city’s predominantly eastern population. Being a film student myself and studying European cinema, Michal’s character is close to my heart. Michal’s point of view allows to discuss cinema within a broad context of cinematic tradition.

Director, Writer, Edit Noga Dekel • Cinematography Alon Daniel • Cast Noa Har-zion, Guy Demidov- Halpern, Michel and Rosa Aberman • Sound Jasmin Even • Music Gilad Kesler • Executive Producer Ester Lehman, Dekel Adar

Noga Dekel 2014–2019: Film studies towards an academic degree at Sapir Academic College, Sderot, Israel. 2016– 2019: Noga directed her short films LABYRINTH, LA MARIPOSA and SDEROT KISSUFIM.