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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mar 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria



Short Film Competition

9 short filmse • 70min

In the presence of the filmmakers (analog or digital)

02.03.2024, 19:00 Leokino following award ceremony The Golden Frame • Audience voting & awarding of the Audience Prize pickled bulbs

DIAMETRALE Short Film Competition 2024

The most beautiful, most surprisingly and weirdest submissions worldwide. The jury will honour the most impressiv film with The Golden Frame.

For the first time, there will also be a public vote. This means that you can award the audience prize, donated by the Nonseum Museum.


Niccolò Buttigliero Junior • IT 2023 • 9min • itOF+enUT • DCP • Austrian Premiere

As they leave the cinema, Alea and Nyx begin to talk about the right way to look at things. While they discuss, the world around them begins to evaporate.

Writer, Editor Richi Maione Cast Richi Maione, Wanda Gomboli, Maria Antonela Bresug Cinematographer Luca Pescaglini Sound Federico Primavera, Vasco Albanese Music Guglielmo Diana

Gags N' Gals: Male Order

Natacha Magdeleine Bianchet • CA 2023 • 9min • enOF • DCP • Austrian Premiere

A short experimental film inspired by the paintings of biblical women from German Renaissance painter, Lucas Cranach. The film reimagines Cranach’s paintings through a modern, critical lens, exploring female sensuality as a potential site of power. The film explores female sensuality and their ability to use it as their own personal weapons.

Cinematographer Calvin Liu Composers Polkavant, Moulaythami, Alexandre Drouin Costume Natacha Bianchet


Anne Isensee • DE 2022 • 7min • enOF+enUT • DCP • Austrian Premiere

An animated audio film about the audio descriptor Simone who can’t make sense of this very film in front of her.

Writer, Producer Anne Isensee Cast Orit Nahmias Music Franziska May Sound Irma Heinig Production Assistance Thekla Neuß

Étude of Sadness

Cristal Alakoski • FIN 2022 • 8min • ND • DCP • Austrian Premiere

ÉTUDE OF SADNESS is an experimental film about death and witnessing death. It’s a journey into the experience of death seen from the eyes of both, the dying and the living, where the sense of time and place disappears. As we break out of our bodies, we see the world more multidimensionally. We are more alive than when we were alive. Where is the line between living and dying? Is there one?

Writer, Producer Cristal Alakoski Cast Aalto University, ELO Film School Finland

Vanja is vacuum packed with Kurt

Vanja est emballé sous vide avec Kurt • Andreas Nordblom • SE 2023 • 11min • se/jpOF+enUT • DCP • Austrian Premiere

A couple with relationship issues finds themselves vacuum-packed by the famous artist photographer Hal..

Writer, Producer Andreas Nordblom Cast Joséphine Wistedt, Björn Sällqvist, Haruhiko Kawaguchi, Mikael Goralski, Henrik Ekesiöö Cinematographer Simon Averin Markström Sound Christoffer Baeza Jiménez Composer Jens Friis-Hansen


Cremance • MX 2023 • 4min • ND • DCP • Austrian Premiere

Mimicking the behavior of a spitting spider, a female must cocoon her new prey for a very special ritual.

Writer Cremance Producer Tim Luna, Cremance Cast Mariana Oliart, Od Boronat, Zayda Gómez Music Eyibra Cinematographer Alejandro Palomino Costume Patricia Dominga Sánchez

Ants devoured my soul

Les fourmis ont dévorés mon âme • Adrien Vel • FR 2021 • 5min • frOF+enUT • DCP • Austrian Premiere

A three-life-long journey in the depth of the soul.

Script, Editor, Music Adrien Vel Producer Victor Forest Production La Baleine Mécanique


Nelly Schmidtlein • DE 2023 • 12min • ND • DCP • Austrian Premiere

The world Kyria lives in is confusing. The man who was in bed next to her last night is gone in the morning, but he has forgotten something important: his arm. She embarks on a search for the stranger in an abandoned town and gets more and more caught up in this empty and alienated place.

Writer Nelly Schmidtlein Producer Luis Philipp Matienzo Reimold Cast Judith Velana Sahl Cinematographer Matthias Haller Music David Kaufmann


Motomarine • Gabriel Auclair-Doucet • CA 2023 • 4min • ND • DCP • Austrian Premiere

Elsa is looking to buy herself a house salesman. Two new participants will need to overcome challenges to determine the chosen one.

Writer, Producer Gabriel Auclair-Doucet Cast Elsa Iseult, Lilie-Rachel Morin, Camille Lemay-Paquin, Véronique Perron, Jérémie Poirier Cinematographer Evangelos Desborough Editor Gabriel Auclair-Doucet Sound Samuel Lampron Composer Vincent L. Pratteder