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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria




9 Kurzfilme • 70min

In Anwesenheit der Filmschaffenden (analog or digital)

04.03.2023, 19:00
Anschließende Preisverleihung Der Goldene Rahmen

DIAMETRALE Short Film Competition 2023

DRRRRUMROOOLLLL für die glorreichen Neun! Neun Kurzfilme, die es aus über 500 Einreichungen aus aller Welt in den Olymp des diesjährigen DIAMETRALE Kurzfilmwettbewerbs geschafft haben. Handverlesen, durchgeschüttelt und gut verrüht, kredenzen wir seit nunmehr sieben Jahren dem cinephilen Kinopublikum ein Programm, so unvorhersehbar wie eine Bewegtbildpralinenschachtel. Man weiß nie, was eins bekommt. Und das soll so sein! Augen auf und durch! Die Fachjury vergibt im Anschluss den Filmpreis Der Goldene Rahmen an den eindrucksvollsten Film.

Mablo Micasso’s Dream

Denise Alder • UK 2020 • 6min • DCP • enOF • Österreichpremiere

Denise Alder brings West African art alive in MABLO MICASSO’S DREAM, a surreal and beau- tiful journey through culture and myth, using analog special effects. Set in the 1980‘s, Ron Stomford, a mullet clad art critic, is reviewing a painting on his weekly TV show, when it suddenly comes alive and we are taken inside its world.

Writer Denise Alder • Cast Kiell-Bynoe Smith, Charlotte Samaroo • Producers Nu Wave Films

Sacrificial Rabbit

Qian Chen • CN 2022 • 5min • DCP • ND • Österreichpremiere

SACRIFICIAL RABBIT is based on clues that gradu- ally enter the trap, starting from a girl who is hypnotised after following a rabbit into a hole, trapped in a room for a series of killings that follow instructions. She was arranged to escape here, but chose to return.

Writer Quian Chen


Chiara Crespi • IT 2021 • 15min • DCP • ND • Österreichpremiere

This is a modern reinterpretation of the legend of BlueBeard: Nausicaa, a young girl with time- less charm, is nervous in a car, she’s going to an appointment at a mysterious man’s house. But the next morning the man is gone, he just left a post-it justifying his impulsive departure. Nausicaa is alone, she explores the house and falls in love with the owner, ending up disco- vering his terrible secret.

Writer Chiara Cresp • Producers BASEMENT HQ, Francesco Crespi • Cast Jessica Piccolo Valerani, David Bellemere, Aurora Zattarin

Black Chalk

Julieta Tetelbaum • ARG 2022 • 8min • DCP • Österreichpremiere

BLACK CHALK is a film about the intimacy of a woman with Down’s Syndrome who writes with black chalk a list of daily activities to organise her life

Writer Julieta Tetelbaum


Natasha Cantwell • NZ 2022 • 1min • DCP • ND • Österreichpremiere

Wrapping paper is unforgiving. It becomes a showcase for every mistake, hesitant crease and misjudged cut, as we stumble our way through packaging up a gift. KEITH examines the anxieties brought on by wrapping oddly-shaped presents.

Cast Asher Griffith-Jones

Precautionary Measure

Lizzy Deacon, Ika Schwander • NL 2021 • 14min • DCP • enOF+enUT • Österreichpremiere

After winning a life coaching session in a raffle at her local village hall, Helen is guided through the help she never really needed. Together with her life coach Hazel, they explore healing strategies to cope with fear, rejection and grief, raising the important question as to whom this pain really belongs to.

Writer, Producer Ika Schwander, Lizzy Deacon

A Grand Day Out

Iolo Edwards • UK 2022 • 4min • DCP • welOF+enUT • Österreichpremiere

A GRAND DAY OUT is a lyrical, glass-half-empty short about two men and a dog who decide to take a trip to the seaside. Disappointment, dissatisfac- tion, and some poorly disguised passive-aggres- sive behaviour ensues.

Writer, Producer, Editor Iolo Edwards • Sound Design Gabriel Hansen


Dafna Inbar • IL 2022 • 6min • DCP • ND • Österreichpremiere

There is a certain moment that takes place before falling asleep, a moment between waking and sleeping, some kind of dimension that exists between the two, it can feel like a quick and sudden fall into a bottomless pit or rather like a gentle sinking into a soft grass bed, either way this is the moment where the film begins the part before the dream itself, here we meet the dreamer.

Writer Dafna Inbar • Compositing Vered Ben- Zion, Lir Shpigler • Music Mikey Horesh- Sabag

Gravest Hit

Robert Herbert McClean • IR • 2022 • 12min • DCP • enOF+enUT • Österreichpremiere

Two assassins keep watch as a young man digs his own grave. Meanwhile, in a fancy-dress shop, the assassins‘ daughter has just found out she is pregnant to the gravedigger when the kingpin who ordered the hit walks in.

Writer Robert Herbert McClean • Producer Ross Morrison • Cinematographer PConor Rotheram • Editor Joshua Mulhall • Cast Lalor Roddy, Maggie Cronin, Derek Halligan, Ciarán Nolan • Sound Designer Simon McCormick • Composer Support Provider