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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria



EAT – badass feminist DJ network

based in Innsbruck

05.03.2023, 01:15
Abendkassa only, Eintritt: EUR 10,00 (ganzes Abendprogramm in der p.m.k) • freier Eintritt mit Festivalpass

EAT network aims to EMPOWER FLINTA DJs by platforming, connecting and promoting them; AND while doing so, seeks to TRANSFORM the club scene in and around Innsbruck towards a structurally equal environment. It’s time to address omnipresent problematic actions and to check one’s privileges, in particular regarding different forms of discrimination in the context of nightlife and clubs that underrepresented groups – whether as DJs or as guests – experience and witness.

Consequently, EATEAT intends to raise awareness and develop concepts for an anti-discriminatory, safer and more fun scene. Looking ahead, EATEATEAT is happy to welcome members from different genres, focusing on up-and-coming as well as experienced FLINTA DJs. The DIAMETRALE hosting celebrates the launch of this cute network with DJ sets by some of its five founders, Barbara B, BC-A, Emma Helena, Jojo Mue and Subversiv Nachtaktiv.

Time Table p.m.k

22:15 • Screening B-Sides

23:00 • Ikan Hyu (live)

23:45 • Bit-Tuner (live)

01:15 • EAT – badass feminist DJ network (live)