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8th Edition Feb 28 – Mär 03, 2024 Innsbruck, Austria


News, 24.03.2018

Winner Short Film Competition 2018

Jury Statement

The decision wasn’t easy for us. All short film shown in this festival have a very strong vision and dealing with contemporary issues based on their countries origins. The film we choose is a rather silent poetic and mysterious film. It creates imagination without giving answers. The film could be experienced as a hidden political critic or analysis, or as an struggle with every day with our inner demons. It is a film which shows deeply human experience, both surrealistic and real. Although the film has a metaphorical level, its very ironical, surreal and absurd on a very touching basis.

Statement by Barbara Huber, Angela Christlieb, Erich Ledersberger

Gray Umbrella

Mohammad Poustindouz • IRN 2017 • 9min

Mr. Maleki has a permanent habit – until a man whit an umbrella enters his life.

Director Mohammad Poustindouz • Writer Mehdi Azizi • Producer IYSC - Mohammad Poustindouz • Key Cast Akbar Shafei